To be a winner in life and in business you must act like a winner, and what better way to do that than to emulate the habits of highly successful people.

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  • The Power of Tact

    The Power of Tact

    For all his life, bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker Peter Legge recalls his father Bernie being a master of tact. A kind, hardworking and thoughtful gentleman beloved by all who knew him, Bernie Legge always carried with him a slim volume entitled Tact, by 19th-century essayist Sir John Lubbock.

    Until his death in 1997, Bernie lived his life by the tenets set out in that influential essay. In his 11th book, The Power of Tact, Peter distills the timeless ideas from that classic volume and brilliantly interprets them for readers today.

    You’ll be amazed to discover how treating every person you meet with respect and consideration can improve your everyday life. Inside these pages, you’ll learn how the art of tact can help you to:

    • Keep your cool in tough situations.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • Resolve conflict diplomatically.
    • Negotiate to get what you need.
    • Feel at home in any social or business setting.
    • Have a positive influence on the world around you.
    Following his father’s remarkable example, and drawing on his own wealth of personal experience, Peter Legge has assembled a practical guide to living your life with grace and compassion – and reaping the rewards of a life well lived.

    Apply these principles to your own life and discover for yourself the astonishing Power of Tact.
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